Lecture Notes

These pdf files are close to verbatim copies of the notes used in lectures, but in a compact format for easy downloading and printing. In fact, I recommend that you print out these notes prior to the start of the chapter in question, and bring them to class. That way, you can spend your class time annotating the notes rather than copying them from the overhead display. (In fact, the notes have been purposely triple-spaced to facilitate annotation.)

The lecture notes for chapters 1-3 are adapted directly from the book, but with a completely different set of worked examples. The notes for chapter 4 take a less mathematical approach than does the book, with the emphasis being on concepts needed for the development of statistical inference in chapter 5. The chapter 5 notes follow the book except for the introduction of approximate score intervals for the estimation of population proportions. These intervals have recently been shown to be superior to the exact and large sample intervals covered in the book.

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