SAS/SHARE User's Guide

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PDF icon Changes and Enhancements
P A R T 1     Usage
PDF icon Getting Started with SAS/SHARE Software
PDF icon What Is SAS/SHARE Software?
PDF icon Starting and Managing a SAS/SHARE Server
PDF icon Writing the End-User Application
PDF icon Locking SAS Data Objects
PDF icon Using SAS/SHARE Macros for Server Access
PDF icon Analyzing the Server Log
P A R T 2     Reference
PDF icon The SERVER Procedure
PDF icon The LIBNAME Statement
PDF icon Remote SQL Pass-Through (RSPT) Facility
PDF icon The LOCK Statement and the LOCK Command
PDF icon The CNTLLEV= Data Set Option
PDF icon The OPERATE Procedure
PDF icon SAS/SHARE Macros
P A R T 3     Appendix
PDF icon Cross-Architecture Access
PDF icon Creating the SAS/SHARE Server Environment
PDF icon Tuning Tips for Applications That Use SAS/SHARE Software
PDF icon SAS Component Language (SCL) Application
PDF icon Encryption Services
PDF icon SAS/SHARE Version 6 to Version 7 and Version 8 Cross-Version Issues
PDF icon Index
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