SAS Companion for UNIX Environments

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PDF icon Changes and Enhancements
P A R T 1     Running the SAS System Under UNIX
PDF icon Getting Started with the SAS System in UNIX Environments
PDF icon Working in the SAS System Windowing Environment
PDF icon Customizing the SAS Windowing Environment
PDF icon Using SAS Files
PDF icon Using External Files and Devices
PDF icon Routing Output
PDF icon Defining Printers and Forms
P A R T 2     Application Considerations
PDF icon Data Representation
P A R T 3     Host-Specific Features of the SAS Language
PDF icon Commands
PDF icon Data Set Options
PDF icon Formats
PDF icon Functions and CALL Routines
PDF icon Informats
PDF icon Macro Facility
PDF icon Procedures
PDF icon Statements
PDF icon SAS System Options
P A R T 4     Appendices
PDF icon The sasroot Directory
PDF icon Tools for the System Administrator
PDF icon Combining Partitioned Data Sets
PDF icon Sorting Data Sets on SMP Machines
PDF icon Supported UNIX Operating Environments
PDF icon Index
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