SAS Companion for the Microsoft Windows Environment

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PDF icon Changes and Enhancements
P A R T 1     Getting Started
PDF icon Getting Started
PDF icon Interacting with the SAS System under Windows
PDF icon Using SAS Files
PDF icon Using External Files
PDF icon Managing SAS Output
PDF icon Performance Considerations
P A R T 2     Using SAS with Other Windows Applications
PDF icon Using Groupware to Distribute SAS Data
PDF icon Enhancements for SAS Users under Windows NT
PDF icon Using OLE in SAS/AF Software
PDF icon Controlling the SAS System from Another Application Using OLE
PDF icon Using Dynamic Data Exchange
PDF icon Using Unnamed and Named Pipes
PDF icon Accessing External DLLs from the SAS System
PDF icon Special Considerations for SAS/AF Programmers
P A R T 3     Features of the SAS Language for Windows
PDF icon Commands
PDF icon Formats
PDF icon Functions and CALL Routines
PDF icon Informats
PDF icon Procedures
PDF icon Statements
PDF icon System Options
PDF icon Length and Precision of Variables
PDF icon Macro Facility
P A R T 4     Appendices
PDF icon SCL Methods for Automating OLE Objects
PDF icon Error Messages for the SAS System under Windows
PDF icon Graphics Considerations
PDF icon Network Considerations
PDF icon Default Key Settings for Interactive SAS Sessions
PDF icon Index
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